Cleverly Disguised As A Responsible Adult


If you have just left school and are considering getting your first job, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind. The first is that, no matter how unique you are and how creative you are, most full time jobs expect people to be boring and robotic. This means that no matter how many talents you have, if you are goal is to get a full time job in order to collect money, you need to look like everyone else and you need to go with the flow. There is a reason that full time work is referred to as a “rate race”.

In reality, a rat race is when a rat inside a cage will run for hours on a wheel with the intention of getting very far but when he stops running, after all that effort, he finds himself in the exact same place where he started, only a lot more tired and exhausted. This is exactly what full time work is and therefore, even while entering the rat race for the obvious reasons of needing money, make sure that you have a plan and a goal for casual shirts men’s online when you will be able to leave and start earning money on your own.

When you go for your interviews, you will be expected to look a certain way and dress a certain way. Even if your own fashion style consists of bright coloured men’s long sleeve shirts online in Australia, you will be expected to look like the rest of everyone else that works at full time jobs and this will be one deciding factor in whether you get the job or your do not.Instead, you will have to wear formal shirts for men, black pants and office shoes in order to look like a responsible adult and this will give a good first impression to the person that is interviewing you.

Sadly, when working at a full time job, your own individuality and your creativity is erased and you are placed in the middle of dozens of other people who will be dressed exactly like you and will do exactly what you do.If your intention is to get the job and the money, you will need to turn off your creativity and go with the flow. You will be asked a range of predictable and boring questions for which there are expected answers. You will be asked what your plans are for the next five years, your ambition and what your reasons are for wanting to join the company that you are interviewing with.