Old Trends That Are Making A Comeback

History has a habit of repeating itself. You’d be surprised to see how many old fashion trends have come back into play this season. With a few twists and upgrades, these trends have taken their own style that matches the 21st century. So here are some of them so that you could pull those old clothes out of the basement and be ready for the season.

1. Berry lips

Berry lips were an iconic fashion staple in the olden days. The dark coloured shades give a bold and edgy look that could be worn anywhere, anytime. This trend has been spotted on the red carpet even today, worn by fashion celebrities very creatively so that all attention would focus on their luscious lips.

2. Choker necklaces

This was a craze of its own in the 90s. You’d see many teenage stars in your favourite chick flicks wearing these chokers. It could be gold, silver or even a simple black band around your neck, these necklaces were sure to make a fashion statement. This has become very popular among not only teenagers, but adults too who would wear a diamond choker for the gala dinner party.

3. Jumper-suits

Jumpsuits were very popular in the old days. It was known to be very chic, funky and even sophisticated. You’d see many working women wearing these to work due to this. These are easy to wear and very comfortable and hence has come into fashion once again. You could even see these suits worn by celebrities on the red carpet. How much more stylish could it get?

4. Leather biker jackets

Remember those old biker movies where the whole gang is in leather jackets? Well, it’s back. Not the movies, but the style. These jackets are loved by all since it could add so much more to a simple plain top. You’d see movie stars during summer, in long maxi dresses Melbourne or sun dresses with such a jacket. As crazy as it sounds, it looks good no doubt. These can be worn all seasons of the year so don’t hesitate to buy your leather jacket today.

5. Floral mini dresses

Does this ever seem to go out of style? Well, not really. Teenage girls and even twenties love these floral dresses during winter. In any high school movie during the 90s, you could see these cute dresses on many of the girls. These used to drive the boys crazy those days; no two words they drive them now too. In the modern fashion world, sunflower and daisy prints have become very popular.

6. Big blown out hair

We cannot forget this style of the good old days. If we go through our parents’ old photographs, this style is sure to be present. Blown out hair does add so much volume so ladies do not miss such an opportunity. So get those blow-dryers working again.